Introduction to the 4Cs - Diamond Colour

Diamond colour ranges from colourless to quite yellow, brown or grey. When we refer to colour, what is more important is lack of colour. You can have two identical diamonds with the same cut, clarity and carat weight that are priced very differently based on their colour. Most diamonds used in jewellery are graded as near colourless.

Diamonds of a lower colour tend to be more yellow. This becomes more obvious if they are set in a white metal like platinum and less noticeable when set in yellow gold.  Colourless diamonds, especially a D colour grade will be more expensive. Most diamonds used in jewellery making are graded as near colourless, so an G-J on the GIA colour scale.

There are 23 color grades on the GIA Color Scale, which are divided into five subcategories:

  • colorless (D-F)
  • near colorless (G-J)
  • faint (K-M)
  • very light (N-R)
  • light (S-Z).  

The more colourless the diamond, the more rare they are.

Diamond Colour


 This short video explains the diamond colour scale.


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