Jewellery Care – Keep Your Precious Pieces Sparkling

You can keep your pieces in tip top shape, by following our tips for maintaining and taking care of your jewellery.

Here are our top tips for taking care of your jewellery

  1. Perfumes, hand creams and sunscreen contain chemicals that can damage your jewellery, so do your best to avoid getting creams and perfumes on your precious pieces.
  2. Wearing your jewellery in the shower is not a good idea. Soaps and shampoos leave a film on diamonds and other gemstones, which takes away some of that sparkle.
  3. Don’t wear your rings when you are gardening or doing any kind of physical work. Rings can easily get caught on objects and not only damage the ring but can also cause and injury to your finger.
  4. Products used for cleaning your house contain chemicals that can damage your jewellery. So wear gloves or remove your jewellery before you start cleaning.
  5. Chlorine from swimming pools and spa baths can affect the metal on jewellery, so make sure you remove your rings before taking a dip.
  6. Don’t wear your jewellery if a stone is loose or a prong has lifted.
  7. Clean your jewellery regularly with an appropriate cleaner. Invest in a quality polishing cloth and dip cleaner. See our range of jewellery care products.
  8. Stones such as emeralds and opals are quite soft and not always suitable for everyday wear, as they chip and break much easier than diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
  9. Have your ring resized if it becomes loose. Your finger size changes over time. If you lose weight and your ring becomes loose, have it resized as soon as possible to avoid accidentally losing it.
  10. Store silver jewellery in a zip lock back. It’s a great way to stop your jewellery being exposed to the air and tarnishing.
  11. White gold pieces will have been rhodium plated. Rhodium is a hard white metal that is part of the platinum family. This plating wears off over time. To keep your piece looking white and shiny, have your piece re-plated every couple of years.

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