Jewellery Education — The 4Cs

Introduction to the 4Cs - Diamond Cut

 Round brilliant diamonds show how the quality of the diamond’s cut affects visual characteristics. The diamonds are positioned in left to right order: Poor cut, Good cut, Excellent cut. The short video below explains diamond cut.

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Introduction to the 4Cs - Diamond Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured in carat weight. Technically, all brilliant cut diamonds of the same size should weigh the same carat. This doesn’t translate to other gemstones as the properties are different, so a one carat diamond, will be a different size to a one carat emerald or a one carat sapphire. 

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Introduction to the 4Cs - Diamond Clarity

When we talk about clarity, internal characteristics are called ‘inclusions’ and external or surface characteristics are called ‘blemishes’. Clarity refers to the size, number, location, nature and colour of any blemishes and inclusions.

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