Matt Wax Matter Mitre Box and Saw

  • $110

The Matter Box is a convenient and time-saving device. You can slice wax ring tubes and bars into tablets with perfectly straight and parallel walls, or tapered sides.

Includes hand saw with solid wood handle and fine steel blade for effortless cutting and a smooth finish. It also includes a stop lock for cutting multiple tablets of the same size.

The box has three cutting slots; one in the centre for cutting parallel walls, and two on the sides for cutting tapered walls. The stop may be set if more than one tablet of the same thickness is needed.

Using this saw and mitre block saves wax and you'll spend far less time cleaning up your wax piece after cutting the wax. 

This mitre box is used in the Pod Studio during our Lost Wax Ring Carving Workshops. This product is also available as part of the Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit.

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