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Make Your Own Wedding Rings

Your wedding band is one of the most important pieces of jewellery you'll ever wear, and a ring handmade by you or your partner is even more special.

You don't need to be creative or good with your hands. Everyone who makes their wedding rings in our workshop takes home a beautiful handmade set of rings.

Workshops include all tools and equipment, morning/afternoon tea, sterling silver and full tuition. Gold and platinum to make your rings is an additional fee. Fill out the form below to help us provide you with an estimate.

Private Wedding Ring Workshop

Couples Formed and Forged Wedding Band in a Day Workshop

$850 per couple

You work directly with the metal in this workshop, as this is a full day workshop, it includes lunch.

Couples Carved and Cast Wedding Ring Workshop

$950 per couple

You both carve your rings from wax and then have them cast in your metal of choice.

Couples Combination Forged and Cast wedding Ring Workshop

$900 per couple

This suits couples where one person need to make a wedding ring to wrap around an engagement ring.

Individual Formed and Forged Wedding Ring Making Workshop

$600 per person

In this workshop you make a plain wedding band that doesn't need to wrap around an engagement ring.

Individual Carved and Cast Wedding Ring Making Workshop

$700 per person

This workshop is ideal if you would like to make a wedding band that wraps around your engagement ring.

It was one of the best days we've ever had.

Thank you Bec

- Alex and Antonie from Germany

Private Wedding Ring Workshops

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