Make Your Own Wedding Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the three types of workshops?

A: In the formed and forged ring workshop, you work directly with the metal and make a ring in one day. You will saw, hammer and solder your ring. You can then apply a hammered or brushed texture, or polish your ring to a high shine.

The carved and cast ring workshop is held over two sessions. In the first session you will carve the wax to create your own design. At the end of the session, the ring is taken to Melbourne and cast in the metal of your choice. At this time, a mould of the ring can also be made for an additional $60. If your ring is ever damaged or lost, you can easily have another one cast.

You then return for the second session where you work directly with the metal to finish your ring or we can finish your ring for you.

The combination formed and cast workshop is held over two sessions. One of you carves a ring and the other works directly with the metal. This suits couples where one person needs to make a wedding ring to wrap around an engagement ring.

Q: How long will it take to make our rings?

A: The formed and forged ring takes between four and six hours to make. Rings made from thicker metal or with more complex designs may take longer. The wax carved ring will be completed over two sessions.

Q: Can I design my own ring?

A: Yes you can. However, it does depend on the complexity of the ring design. More intricate rings are usually made using the carved and cast method. 

Q: I have never made a ring before and have no jewellery making experience; can I really make my own wedding ring?

A: Yes! We will be there to walk you through each step to ensure you leave with a beautifully made ring. Most of my students have no jewellery making experience and everyone leaves the workshop with a beautiful well-made ring.

Q: Will our wedding rings look professional?

A: Yes. You will be really pleased with your finished wedding bands. You will receive as much or as little help as you need to ensure your rings look professional and you will be guided through the ring making process every step of the way.

Q: Can we make our own rings?

A: Yes. You can choose to make each other’s ring or to make your own.

Q: I would like to make a more complex wedding band. Is this possible?

A: If you would like to make a more complex wedding band, we can recommend some jewellers who specialise in this area.

Q: What metal can I use to make my ring?

A: Formed & forged band

  • Sterling silver
  • 9ct & 18ct yellow, rose or white gold.

Carved & cast band

  • Sterling silver
  • 9ct & 18ct yellow, rose or white gold.
  • Platinum

Q: I would like to have my ring engraved, is this possible?

A: Yes, we can arrange to have your ring engraved after you have finished making it.

Q: Can I make just one ring?

A: Absolutely! Some people want to make their own ring and others want make it as a surprise for their partner. We can also work with two people to make one ring. It’s completely flexible!

Q: Can we make a ring from titanium of stainless steel?

A: No. We only make wedding rings using precious metals.

Q: Can the rings be resized?

A: Yes. If you feel your ring is too tight or too loose, you can bring it back and it will be resized (within two sizes) free of charge.

Q: We would like to have our fingerprints added to each others wedding band, is this possible?

A: Absolutely. During the workshop, we take your fingerprint and this is then added to the inside or the outside of the ring after you have finished making it.


Q: What does the price include?

A: Formed & forged band

  • Private ring making workshop for two
  • Gourmet lunch from Little Swallow Café delivered to the workshop
  • Delicious morning and afternoon tea
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • French champagne to celebrate at the end of the workshop
  • All tools, equipment and consumables

Carved & cast band

  • Private ring making workshop for two
  • Casting fee
  • Delicious morning or afternoon tea
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • French champagne to celebrate at the end of the workshop
  • All tools, equipment and wax.

Additional fees:

  • Ring safety mould - $100
  • 9ct Gold rings starting from $150
  • Stone setting starting from $15 per stone
  • Diamonds starting from $17 per stone
  • Fingerprint engraving $150 per ring
  • Engraving a message/name/date $90 per ring
  • Rhodium plating (for white gold rings) $60 per ring
  • Platinum (Price on application)

Q: What details do I need to provide so I can get a quote for the silver, gold or platinum?

A: By filling out this form, we can gather all the details we need to provide you with an quote for the cost of the metal. 

    Q: Why is 18ct gold so expensive?

    A: 18ct gold is 75% pure gold where 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold.

    Q: Do I have to pay the full fee upfront at the time of booking?

    A: You can pay an initial non-refundable deposit of $300. The balance must be paid within three weeks of the workshop date? You can also pay instalments, please give me a call to discuss this option and a payment plan.


    Q: How far ahead should we book our appointment?

    A: We recommend booking your workshop at least four weeks in advance. Weekends are very popular and book out quickly so the further in advance you can book the better.

    Q: When are the workshops available?

    A: Workshops are available seven days a week and are scheduled to suit each couple.

    Q: Are there any Terms and Conditions?

    A: Yes, please read the Workshop Terms and Conditions before making your booking

    Q: Is there parking nearby?

    A: There is free parking available on site.

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