Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit | Jewelry Supplies
  • Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit | Jewelry Supplies
  • Matt Wax Mitre Box and Saw | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Grobet Italian made cut 2 handfile | Jewellery Making Supplies | Pod Jewellery
  • Wooden File Handle | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Double ended wax file | Jewellery Making Supplies | Pod Jewellery
  • On Balance Envy Jewellers Scales | Australian Jewellery Supplies
  • Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit
  • Matt Wax Ring Tube Blue | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery | Ultimate Lost Wax Tool Kit
  • Polishing Cloths | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Bench Peg Bench Pin | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Alcohol lamp | Spirit Lamp | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Set of five Wax Carving Tools | Jewellery making supplies | Pod Jewellery
  • Dividers | jewellery making supplies
  • Max Wax Pen | Lost Wax Jewellery tools
  • Wooden Wax Ring Mandrel on Stand | Jewellery Making Supplies
  • A-z ring finger sizer | jewellery making supplies
  • Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit
  • Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit

Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit

  • $757
  • Save $64

Due to global supply issues, the Matt wax mitre box and saw will not be available until late August 2022. This kit is available for pre-order and will be shipped to you immediately minus the two items above, which will be sent in August/September 2022.

This is by far the most high quality and comprehensive Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit on the market. It  contains all the essential tools you need to start making your wax pieces and also includes the tools you need to clean up your pieces after they have been cast in metal. This is something other wax kits on the market don't include. 

This kit includes high quality a high quality Italian file and the Matt Wax mitre box and saw. It also includes an eight blade high quality wax ring sizer. It's important that these tools are of a better quality. The less expensive versions of these files rust and are quite rough, so they don't provide a clean finish and damage wax pieces. The blades on cheaper ring sizers don't shave the wax evenly from the inside of ring tubes and leave lines.

This kit also includes wax carving tools, an alcohol lamp, a Max Wax Pen and a Swiss needle file set that can be used on wax and the finished silver or gold piece. 

We have been using the Matt mitre box in the studio now for a few years and it allows you to cut neat straight lines on wax tubes and blocks of wax. Using this saw and mitre block saves wax and you'll spend far less time cleaning up your wax piece after cutting the wax. 

Kit includes one each item listed below:

As this kit is already discounted, student discounts do not apply to this product.

Prices include GST.

You can also purchase the Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool kit minus the tools in the tools in the Premium Jewellery Tool Kit. This means you don't double up on tools if you purchase both kits. 

100% Carbon neutral shipping - Pod Jewellery offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from every shipment.  

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