Australian Threepence coin stud earrings

Silver Australian threepence coin stud earrings

  • $70

These stud earrings are made from Australian Threepence coins dating from 1910-1964. When decimal currency was introduced in Australia in 1966, these beautiful little coins became obsolete. Threepence from 1910 to 1944 are sterling silver, coins from 1947-1964 are 50% fine silver.

These earrings have sterling silver posts and butterfly clips. These are a great gift to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion that happened between 1910-1964.

The Australian Threepence coins measure 1.6cm / 0.62in in diameter. If you'd prefer threepence drop earrings click here.

These earrings are packaged in a matt black Pod Jewellery earring box. 

RRP: $70 (1948-1964)
RRP: $90 (1935-1947)

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