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Solder comes in three types, hard, medium and easy. These solders each melt at a different temperature. Hard melts at high temperature, then medium and easy melts at the lowest temperature.

Hard silver solder melts at 740-785°celsius, medium silver solder melts at 720-765°celsius and easy silver solder melts at 705-725° celsius.

No. Soldering irons are mainly used for soldering electronics. When we solder jewellery, we use a soldering torch with a flame. There are several different types you can buy depending on whether you'd like to cast metal or just solder jewellery. These range from the top of the line Smith Little Torch, which is used for casting, to smaller handheld torches that you can pick up from your local hardware.

The Pod Jewellery Essential Soldering Kit includes the tools and materials you need to start soldering, with the exception of a soldering torch and slow cooker for your pickle. This means you have the flexibility to choose a torch that suits your budget and needs.

Flux is a soldering compound that keeps your solder join clean by blocking oxygen, which causes oxidation. There are lots of different types of flux available. Handy Flux is our favourite.

Flux cleans, coats, and protects the piece and allows solder to easily flow into joints once it is heated.

We paint this on the area we would like to join before we add the solder.

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