Fretz Sharp Texturing/Raising Hammer - HMR-12

  • $120

This is another one of my favourite jewellery texturing hammers. We've been using this one in the studio for years and the lined texture it creates is stunning. Use it on part of your piece or across the entire surface. You can also create criss-crossing patterns using this hammer as well. 

Use this hammer for rings and other surfaces when sharp parallel hammered textures are needed. It can also be used to make extreme tight curves when raising portions of jewellery.

This hammer texture does stretch the metal and can increase the size of rings. It's a great option if your ring is too small.

Brand: Fretz
Handle: Oil finished African Padauk
Head: Tool hardened to 50HC, 420-grade stainless steel
Face size: 19 x 3mm, 19 x 1.5mm
Type: Raising
Head weight: 88 grams

Price include GST.

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