Lost Wax Jewellery Tools

These quality lost wax jewellery making tools are all you need to start making your own collection of jewellery from home. Both Lost Wax Tool Kits includes wax working tools and the tools you need to finish off your pieces of jewellery after casting. 

We've created a couple of lost wax jewellery tool kits to make your decision easier. 

The Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit includes everything you need to set up a home studio for Lost Wax Ring Carving, including a bench pin that can be clamped to any table to turn it into a workbench. 

Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit | Jewellery making Supplies

We've created another version of the Ultimate Wax Jewellery Tool Kit (minus the Premium Jewellery Kit Tools)

This is the kit you need to choose if you already own or also want to buy the Premium Jewellery Tool Kit. We've taken out the tools you already own, so you won't be doubling up. This kit does not include the following items:

Grobet Italian-made cut-2 half-round slim hand file
Wooden file handle
German bench pin - sawing peg and clamp
Glardon Vallorbe needle file set - cut 2
German dividers 3" standard
Finger gauge ring sizer set A-Z+6

Ultimate Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit minus Premium Tools | Jewellery Making Supplies


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