Liver of Sulphur Gel 29ml bottle

Liver of Sulphur Gel 29ml bottle

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This is the solution we use to turn metal black. You can brush this straight on metal or dilute it in warm water. XL Gel can be used on silver, copper, brass, bronze, metal leaf and metal clay.

It has been formulated for extended shelf life, versatility and convenience. The gel makes it easy to use with less mess and better results. This product is non-flammable and non-hazardous.  

Make sure you stir this well before use. Mix one teaspoon of XL GEL per 350ml of heated water. This will produce a solution that will give you the darkest patina. You can adjust the solution to achieve different effects. You can also use XL GEL without diluting it by brushing onto pieces or submerging objects into it.

29ml (1 oz.) squeeze bottle. 

Prices include GST. 

Liver of Sulphur gel is also available as part of the

Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit, the Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit (minus tools in the Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Kit)

100% Carbon neutral shipping - Pod Jewellery offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from every shipment.

Liver of Sulphur Safety Data Sheet

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