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Jewellers Stone Setting Tool Kit

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This Jewellers Stone Setting Kit contains the essential tools for bezel setting rings, pendants and earrings

The kit features one of each of the following:

Bezel/Prong Pusher 
Bezel Pusher with V Groove
Bezel Perfect Roller
Curved Burnisher
Straight Burnisher
Bezel Mandrel Round
Diamond Setting Loupe

Bezel/Prong Pusher 
This handy and inexpensive little tool is used for pushing the bezel over gemstones. It can also be used for pushing prongs over gemstones to tightly secure them in place.

Bezel Pusher with V-Groove
This bezel pusher has a polished groove in the tip that sets and pushes the bezel against the stone. It's also great for pushing prongs into place.

Bezel Perfect Roller
The half-round polished steel rocker rolls and pushes bezels around stones. 

Curved Burnisher
This curved burnisher is used for smoothing out bezels after you have pushed them over, and adding a glossy shine to the metal. The curve allows the burnisher to be used in difficult to reach areas.

Straight Burnisher
This straight burnisher is also used for smoothing out bezels after you have pushed them over, and adding a glossy shine to the metal. I use either a straight or curved burnisher depending on the piece.

Bezel Mandrel Round
Bezel mandrels help you to create that perfectly round shape and can be used to increase the size of a bezel and make it perfectly round before it is soldered onto the backing plate.

Triplet Diamond Loupe Black X10
We use these loupes in the studio to take a look at gemstones, solder joins and anything that requires magnification.

As this kit is already discounted, student discounts do not apply to this product.

Prices include GST.

This kit purchased with the Essential Soldering Tool Kit and Premium Jewellery Tools Starter Kit will provide many of the important tools you need for your studio.

100% Carbon neutral shipping - Pod Jewellery offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from every shipment. 

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