Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit | Jewellery Tools
  • Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit | Jewellery Tools
  • German Jewellers Saw Frame | Jewellery Tools
  • Spiral Saw Frame | Jewellery Tools
  • Matt Wax Blue Tube | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Matador Wet and Dry Emery Paper | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Vallorbe hand file cut 2 | Jewellery Tools
  • Jewellers File Handle | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Polishing Paper | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Jewellers Bench Pin | Jewellery Tools | Pod Jewellery
  • Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Jumbo Wax Reamer | Jewellery making supplies
  • Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Needle file set | Jewellery Making supplies
  • Max wax pen | jewelry supplies
  • Finger Sizer | Jewellery Making Supplies
  • Hallmark stamp | jewelry supplies
  • Wooden ring stand | Jewellery Tools
  • Wax carvers | Jewellery tools
  • Scales | Jewellery Making Supplies

Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit

  • $641
  • Save $100

Take the guess work out of choosing which tools you need to make great pieces of wax jewellery. This kit contains the all the 'must have' tools rather than the 'nice to have' tools that you may never use. And the great news is you'll save money when you buy this Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter Kit.

This kit also includes a metal file and handle, which you will need to clean up your piece once it has been cast in metal. 

Other wax kits don't include the tools you need to clean your piece after It has been cast. 

This kit includes high-quality a high quality Italian file, a German-made jewellers saw frame and a jumbo wax ring sizer with eight blades.

It's important that these tools are of a better quality. The less expensive versions of these files and saws are made in China and Pakistan.

They rust and are quite rough, so they don't provide a clean finish. The less expensive saw frames don't hold the blades in place, which makes sawing difficult and the blade on the cheaper ring sizers don't shave the wax evenly from the inside of ring tubes.

Kit includes one of each item listed below:

As this kit is already discounted, student discounts do not apply to this product.

Prices include GST.

You can also purchase the Lost Wax Jewellery Tool Starter kit minus the tools in the tools in the Premium Jewellery Tool Kit. This means you don't double up on tools if you purchase both kits. 

100% Carbon neutral shipping - Pod Jewellery offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from every shipment.  

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