Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Halder dead blow mallet | Jewellery Tools Australia
  • Fretz chasing hammer | Jewellery Making supplies
  • A-Z Steel ring mandrel | Jewellery Tools Online
  • Finger Gauge Ring Sizer Set | Australian Jewellery Supplies
  • Bench pin and clamp | Jewellery Supplies Melbourne
  • German Jewellers saw frame | Jewellery Making Supplies
  • 2/0 Swiss Saw blades | australian jewellery supplies
  • German half round/flat pliers | jewellery making supplies
  • Flat nose pliers | jewellery supplies Melbourne
  • chain nose pliers | Australian Jewellery Supplies
  • Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • round nose pliers | Jewellery making supplies
  • Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Flush cutters | jewellery making supplies online
  • Grobet half round ring file | jewellery making supplies
  • wooden file handle | Jewellery Making supplies
  • Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • On Balance Envy Jewellers Scale | Australian Jewellery Supplies
  • Ring Clamp | Australian Jewellery Supplies
  • Steel bench block | Jewellery making supplies online
  • Rubber bench block | Jewellery making supplies
  • Automatic centre punch | jewellery tools
  • Steel ruler | Jewellery Making supplies online
  • Sharpie | jewellery supplies Melbourne
  • Dividers | Jewellery Making Tools
  • Polishing paper | jewellery making supplies
  • Cut lube | Australian Jewellery Supplies
  • Liver of Sulphur Gel 29ml | Oxidising Gel
  • Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit
  • Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit

Premium Jewellery Tool Starter Kit

  • $1,180
  • Save $112

This jewellery tool kit takes the guesswork out choosing tools. It includes the tools you really need to start making your own jewellery. I made lots of mistakes when I first started buying jewellery tools for my studio and I want to make sure you don't fall into the same trap. I recently sold thousands of dollars of tools I never used but had bought because I was told I needed them.

Unlike other beginners kits on the market, this kit is jam-packed with high-quality jewellery making tools that you will actually use. And buying them as a kit saves you money as well. This is without a doubt the best quality jewellers starter kit on the market. 

These quality tools have been sourced from around the globe. They're the tools we use here in the studio and you won't need to upgrade these later because the quality wasn't up-to-scratch. 

The kit includes a high quality Italian-made hand-file with handle and a set of Swiss-made needle files.  It also includes a stunning Fretz chasing hammer, a German-made Supercraft dead blow mallet (these are awesome), a range of German-made pliers and cutters, jewellers scales, and too many other essential tools to mention.

I’m always happy to discuss this kit or answer any questions you might have. So feel free to call me (Bec) at any time.

You can read about each of the items and what they are for, by clicking on the links below. 

The kit includes the following tools:

As this kit is already discounted, student discounts do not apply to this product.

Prices include GST.

This kit purchased with the Essential Soldering Tool Kit will provide many of the important tools you need for your studio.

The Jewellers Stone Setting Tool Kit gives you those additional tools you need to start setting. 

100% Carbon neutral shipping - Pod Jewellery offsets the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from every shipment. 

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